✔️SpiderDAO Firmware FAQ's

How to install the latest firmware for SpiderDAO Connect Routers (SpiderDAO TestNet)?

On what routers can this firmware be installed?

Our latest firmware which incorporates the newly added wallet can only be installed on a PRO ROUTER or SpiderConnect Router. Please don't install it on a CLASSIC ROUTER or Lite Router.

Why should you install this Firmware?

The new firmware is now available to the community to download, install and access the SpiderDAO TestNet!
The new Spider Pro Connect router firmware has not only moved the SpiderDAO project forward substantially by providing an upgraded easy-to-use interface to a world-class VPN service, the Spider VPN Pro Router is now capable of hosting a number of other services all from within the same interface.
All services and facilities are powered by the $SPDR token which is at the heart of the SpiderDAO ecosystem and which now gets its own wallet within the router firmware along with 10,000 fake tokens for testing.
Among other upgrades and improvements our new firmware features our $SPDR wallet and DAO functionality so we have added a helpful guide for users to follow, this can be found here
After this extensive development and upgrades to our firmware, we are now inviting all our community members to report any positive experiences, bugs, or problems found.

What are the new features in a nutshell?

The new Firmware boasts a number of new features including:
⚪ A new and expanded menu
⚪ A versatile and easy to use wallet is integrated into the Router Firmware giving $SPDR balances and the ability to participate in DAO proposals and referendums
⚪ A link to users VPN account including support tickets
⚪ A wide range of utilities for managing your local network and devices

How to report bugs, problems, or add any positive comments?

You can report your experience, any bugs you found, any recommendations you have, or any positive experience by joining our telegram channel below.

How to navigate around the New Firmware for Test Net?

Below is the guide which will answer your questions regarding our new firmware and the Test Net.

How often will we release new firmware updates?

We will be releasing updates and improvements to the firmware on a regular basis and ask any members who are testing our firmware to check back for updated versions