Distribution Program
Basics of adding liquidity and staking your liquidity provider (LP) tokens for users who are not too familiar with the process.

Step 1

Step 2

Connect your wallet.

Step 3

If you already have LP tokens, skip to Step 6. If you don’t have any LP tokens, select the pool you wish to stake and click Add Liquidity or add liquidity through Uniswap here:
You need to have an equal dollar amount of both tokens you are looking to provide liquidity for.
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Step 4

Input the amounts of each token you want to add or use the MAX button. At this point, you need to approve both tokens.
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Click APPROVE USDT and confirm the dialogue.
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Then confirm the transaction in your wallet and wait for it to go through. After approving USDT, you need to APPROVE SPDR. If both APPROVE USDT and APPROVE SPDR are already greyed out, continue to the next step.
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Step 5

After approving the tokens, both boxes should be greyed out. From here, click ADD LIQUIDITY, confirm the dialogue box, as above, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
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Step 6

Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive the LP tokens for your chosen pool. If you already had your LP tokens and are joining us from Step 3, we can now move on to staking. Proceed to the main page and select the pool you want to stake. After that, click the STAKE button.
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As before, you need to APPROVE the LP token, confirm the dialogue box, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and wait for it to mine.
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Step 7

After the APPROVE button is greyed out, input the number of liquidity tokens you want to stake (or use the MAX button to input your entire balance automatically) and click STAKE. Then confirm the dialogue box, confirm the transaction in your wallet, and wait for it to be confirmed.
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Step 8

After the transaction mines, you will be redirected to the main page with a new view. You can see your staked token balance, rewards, Claim reward button, and the Withdraw button.
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That’s it. You are now participating in the SpiderDAO Distribution program, earning more SPDR, and are eligible to get a free VPN, if you are providing more than $500 worth of liquidity. To claim your VPN subscription please visit this guide. In the meantime, stay in touch with us by joining our Telegram channel, and we hope you enjoy being part of our community.
Last modified 10mo ago