Spider Nests
Spider Nests Staking Guide.
Spider Nests

Step 1

Step 2

Click on Connect Wallet to open up a menu of supported wallets.
Connect Wallet

Step 3

Choose a wallet to connect (in this case, Metamask), and click Next.
Metamask Connection

Step 4

Select a nest (in this case Goliath) and click STAKE NOW
Spider Nests

Step 5

Enter the amount of tokens that you want to stake and click Approve. A confirmation window will appear where you will want to click Confirm. A metamask window will pop up asking you for your permission to transfer the tokens. Click Confirm again.
Approval Window
Confirmation Window
Approval Transaction Confirmation

Step 6

After your approval, you will need to send the tokens to the staking contract by clicking on the Stake button, confirming the pop-up window, and confirming again in the Metamask pop-up.
Confirmation Window
Transaction Confirmation
After staking, you will be able to see the withdrawal date displayed on the nest itself. As seen below.
Withdrawal Date

Step 7

When the withdrawal date arrives, you can withdraw your tokens + rewards by clicking on the Withdraw button. Click on Confirm on the pop-up window and again in the follow-up meta mask window. Congratulations, you have successfully claimed your staked tokens and your rewards.
Confirmation Window
Transaction Confirmation
After you staked, be sure to check out this guide to claim your VPN subscription (if applicable)
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